To support, promote and uphold the aims and purposes of the Towing and Recovery Association of America, Inc.

To promote greater knowledge of the towing and recovery industry throughout the world.

To promote fellowship between all members of this organization, TRAA affiliated organizations, and the industry at large.

To support and promote the financial growth of the WTRAA Scholarship Fund.

Membership to the WTRAA includes many benefits and services:

Neworking- WTRAA members understand the value of networking.  WTRAA events provide the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, meet new friends and just have fun.

Support- Since its inception, WTRAA has offered support to spouses of TRAA members, companies and the industry overall through educating, encouraging and empathizing with the women who serve as the cornerstones of their families and businesses.

Education Scholarships- Each year, WTRAA awards scholarships to members’ children and grandchildren to assist them in completing their education.  Fundraising for these scholarships has become one of the WTRAA’s primary goals throughout the year.  Check out our Scholarship Page for more information and an application.

Information and Education- The towing and recovery industry is constantly changing.  WTRAA keeps abreast of developments as they occur and disseminates the latest information through a newsletter and at meetings, seminars and through educational materials published by TRAA.

Recognition- Each year, WTRAA presents the Tow Woman of the Year Award to an industry advocate in recognition of their commitment to the goals of WTRAA and efforts to improve the towing industry in general.

Over the years WTRAA has supported a number of worthy causes.  WTRAA members recognize the importance of giving back to the community and are proud to have made a difference.  WTRAA has contributed mightily to TRAA by paying all the legal and start-up fees for the TRAA Education Foundation.  It has awarded many thousands of dollars in scholarship grants as well as supported many charities.  These charities include St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, MADD and T.O.W.E.D. among many others.  WTRAA accomplishes these activities through creative fundraising efforts ranging from auctions and raffles to cookbook sales and more.

WTRAA is continually looking for women with heart to carry on its legacy, introduce new ideas, and support its current programs.  Check out our membership page for more information on membership and an application.


Women of the Towing & Recovery Association

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Washington DC 20005