WTRAA Past Events


  • April 10, 2015 was our Annual Spring meeting held at the Florida Tow Show in Orlando, FL.  All newly elected board members were present along with 10 members and two guests.  A lot was happening between the tow show, seminars, our meeting and other TRAA committee meetings.  WTRAA set some goals for 2015 and look forward to celebrating 35 years in 2016.  WTRAA co hosted a meet & greet with TRAA the evening prior.  Many members of both were present and a great time was had by all.

  •  On September 18, 2014, WTRAA held its Fall Meeting at the Chattanooga Convention Center in Chattanooga, TN.  All board members were preset along with 7 members and 4 guests.  Gay Rochester was “crowned” 2015 Tow Woman of the Year.  Clarissa Powell was awarded 2015 Presidential Commitment to Excellence Award.  Guest Speakers Barb Tomlinson and Geri Roskopf spoke about past years of WTRAA.  A great history lesson!

  •  On April 13, 2013 the WTRAA held its first seminar in our Business Development Series at the Florida Tow Show.  “Taking Care of You- A Head to Toe Review” by Sue Glenny, RN.  It was a fun and very informative presentation.  It was highly evaluated by the women in attendance.  This seminar was sponsored by Gay Rochester and InterStar NA and Ken Weber Truck Service.  Future seminars in the series will be offered throughout the year.

  • The WTRAA held its first panel at the 2013 TRAA Legislative & Leadership Conference on March 22nd.  “Revolving and Evolving- The Changing Role of Women in the Towing Industry”  Speakers for the panel were Geri Roskopf speaking of the roles of women in the past, Michelle Topel speaking of the women of today in the towing industry, Gay Rochester speaking of the future roles of women, Sue Brassell speaking of the changes from a Towing Association point of view, and Gary Coe speaking on a man’s view of how the roles of women in the towing industry has changed and evolved.  The panel was well received by everyone and WTRAA received many compliments.  During our panel, WTRAA honored and recognized several women who were WTRAA Past Presidents and/or Past Tow Women of the Year.  It was wonderful to have so many inspirational women in one room.

  • The WTRAA 2013 Spring Meeting was held at the TRAA Legislative & Leadership Conference on March 21st in Arlington, VA.  We had 13 WTRAA members present at the meeting!!  The WTRAA meeting was hosted by Gay Rochester in her suite and sponsored by Gay and InterStar.  We started with a social gathering prior to our meeting.  Everyone that knows Gay knows that it was a spectacular social with scrumptious snacks & chocolates and beverages of all kinds.  We had a great time.  The WTRAA board voted to donate $1300.00 to the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame Museum in honor of the past 13 Presidents of WTRAA.  It was also announced that WTRAA reached its goal of raising $30,000 for the Scholarship Fund.  WTRAA announced its Business Development Program and invited everyone to attend WTRAA’s first panel at the L&L Conference.  We announced the new Board of Directors.  It was discussed to have a Women’s Retreat and a committee was set up to discuss and organize.  Finally, WTRAA announced its new tagline:  It’s all about the “W”!

  • The WTRAA Spring Meeting was held at the TRAA Legislative & Leadership Conference on March 15, 2012. Committee reports were read and discussed. Updates were given on the WTRAA Scholarship Drive and WTRAA Coloring Book sales. The group discussed writing a WTRAA Mission Statement to clearly identify our purpose for members and potential new members. In an effort to increase attendance at meetings, WTRAA will be looking for suggestions from members for topics, locations etc. that may attract more members to attend events.

  • WTRAA sold nearly 800 coloring books during the TRAA L & L weekend! Thank you to all who purchased coloring books and a big thank you to Bill Johnson, President of Statewide Towing Association for his order of 500 coloring books! Let’s keep the orders coming!