Past Presidents of WTRAA


2013-2017 Michelle Topel of Lake Mills, Wisconsin served two terms as President of WTRAA. Her board of directors consisted of Ruth Landau, Gay Rochester, Wendy Wallace, Cynthia Martineau and Mary Weber.  Michelle was awarded the ‘Tow Woman of the Year” in 2016. Under her leadership WTRAA launched new programs such as the Business Development Series and the new Presidential Commitment to Excellence Award. Michelle is a busy business woman and is involved in her community and state towing association.

2009-2013 Mary Weber of Wisconsin was President of WTRAA.  Her board of directors consisted of Marci Gratzianna, Michelle Topel, Victoria Poynter, Kathy Sellner and Cynthia Martineau.  Mary was awarded the “Tow Woman of the Year” in 2008.  She currently runs Ken Weber Truck Service with her husband, Ken.  Mary has 3 children, Ken Jr., Tracy and Wendy.  She is also a very proud grandmother.  During Mary’s term as president WTRAA celebrated 30 years and held a successful scholarship fundraiser to honor those 3o years.  WTRAA also produced its first coloring book that raised money for the scholarship fund.

2005-2009 Geralyn Roskopf of Wisconsin was elected in 2005.  Her board of directors was Susan Brassell, Mary Weber, Angela Roper, and Beverly Fitzgerald.  In 2003 Geralyn was awarded the Tow Woman of the Year Award.  During her term as president WTRAA held a fundraiser and was able to donate money for the set up fee for the new website for TRAA.  WTRAA also voted to consider a loan to TRAA paid in full.  In 2005, WTRAA became a member of the ITRHFM.  In September 2006, they planned to put up plaques in the museum honoring the past presidents and the Tow Woman of the Year Award recipients.  Geri runs Roskopf Towing with her husband Jeff.  They have a son Greg and a daughter Jessica.  During her spare time Geri enjoys reading and volunteering at her church.

2004-2005 Susan Brassell of Virginia became acting president in 2004. Geralyn Roskopf and Nora Lee Scovill were on the board of directors at that time.  In 2004, Susan was awarded the Tow Woman of the Year.

2002-2003 Jackie Bryant of Virginia was president of WTRAA.  Her board of directors were Susan Brassell, Geralyn Roskopf and Nora Lee Scovill.

2000-2002 there was no election for president.  Instead the organization was run by the past president advisors: Belinda Harris, Carol McCarty and Stacey Tucker.

1997-1999 Stacey Tucker of Washington was WTRAA’s president.  Some of Stacey’s board consisted of Rhonda Bishop, Belinda Harris and Carol Boelter.  She completed her education with a Master’s Degree in Counseling and working in the mental health field.  In 1994 Stacey became the third-generation owner of Chico Towing.  She founded “Essential Solutions for the Business”, a consulting business and “Sun Select Window Tinting” a business she owns with her brother.  Besides doing some freelance writing for a number of towing industry publications she has been the Washington Representative for TRAA for many years, past president for the Washington Towing Association, and she has been warded many local awards and recognitions including the 1998 YWCA Woman of Achievement, 2005 Kitsap Business Journal “40 under Forty” where she was recognized as an outstanding your business and community leader.  Stacey is very instrumental in the scholarship foundation and is currently Chairperson for the WTRAA Scholarship Committee.  She is also very involved in many local organizations around the Seattle area, including the Harrison Hospital Foundation, Checkered Flag Club (promoting a NASCAR track in Kitsap County), and Project Family and is a Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary International.  Stacey has 3 children- JR, Brady and Sarah.  In her spare time she enjoys traveling with her family, capming and participating in her children’s sport activities.

1995-1997 Carol McCarty of California was president of WTRAA.  Her board of directors was Mary Ann Farrington, Doris Brisco, Mary Speed and Stacy Nelson (Tucker).  During her term there were many things accomplished but the most exciting thing for her was the scholarship foundation.  While attending the Florida Tow Show she approached Mr. Miller of Miller Industries to solicit money for the foundation.  Mr Miller told Carol that he would give $50,000.00 if she could match it.  Carol and her committee made many phone calls and sent out many letters.  They also sold cookbooks, t-shirts and aprons and together they raised $100,000.00!!  Carol and her husband Bill retired in 1998 but the business is still being run by her son, Brian.  Their daughter Suzanne is a school teacher.  During her spare time Carol’s hobbies are cooking and photography.  Carol and Bill love to travel which includes spending time at their lake home with their grandchildren.  In 1998, Bill and Carol’s son Rodney McCarty was tragically killed in a work related accident.  In memory of their son, Bill and Carol founded the Rodney McCarty Memorial Scholarship.  It is intended for underprivileged chilren with hopes of making a difference in someone’s life.

1993-1995 Belinda Harris of North Carolina was WTRAA’s president.  Her board of directors was Carol McCarty, Stacey Tucker, Doris Brisco and Mary Speed.  At every meeting during Belinda’s term they had a fundraiser and food.  She was awarded “Tow Woman of the Year” in 1990.  Belinda and her members had a very successful cookbook sale, raffles and a GREAT womanless pageant.  During a TRAA National Convention it was decided that the men would dress up in evening gowns, swimsuits, wigs, make-up, etc.  They did whatever they could to raise money, including table dances.  They raised almost $12,000.oo that night and had a wonderful time.

1991-1993 Barbara Tomlinson of Wisconsin was the president of WTRAA.  Her board of directors included Carol McCarty, Linda Copley, Carol Boelter and Mary Speed.  According to Barb her largest accomplishments were finally issuing scholarhsips, helping TRAA and WTRAA form the education foundation and assisting in TRAA’s move to Washington DC.  In 1991, Barbara was awarded the “Tow Woman of the Year”.  They are proud grandparents and the extremely proud great-grandparents.  Barbara was also inducted into the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame.

1989-1991 Helen Jones of Florida was WTRAA’s president.  Helen was awarded the “Tow Woman of the Year” in 1989.  Helen was also inducted into the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame.

1987-1989 Betty Cornwell of Maryland was the president of WTRAA.  Some of the women who were directors during Betty’s term were Lynn Borhauer, Jean Pellow, Edna Coffe, Carole Gibney and Randy Bruce.  Betty was awarded the “Tow Woman of the Year” in 1989.

1985-1987 Carolyn Blakeley of California was WTRAA’s President.  Her board of directors included Ann Malcolm, Carmel Monsour, Betty Cornwell, Edna Coffey, Belinda Harris and others.  One of her main accomplishments during her term was the start of the education committee.  In 1980 Carolyn was awarded the “Tow Woman of they Year”.  Carolyn was also inducted into the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame.

1983-1985 Georgia Lee (Jo) Bullock from Oregon was the president of WTRAA.  During her term she was voted “Tow Woman of the Year” in 1983.

1981-1983 Ann Malcolm from New Mexico was WTRAA’s first president.  Her board members consisted of Lynda Borhauer, Martha Benitez, and Jane McClaskey.  She was one of the many women who stared up and contributed to the “Sharing Our Best” Cookbook.  She was also instrumental in the start-up of the scholarship program.  In 1981 Ann was awarded “Tow Woman of the Year”.  Ann was also inducted into the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame.