Presidential Commitment to Excellence Award

This annual award will be chosen and given by the President of WTRAA. It will be announced at the Fall Meeting and awarded at the Spring Meeting (hoping to have the recipient in attendance for the spring meeting). In the event there are no qualified candidates, no award will be given during that year.

1. Must be a member in good standing.
2. Shows continued support of WTRAA’s goals, it’s functions and programs.
3. Shows continued involvement in WTRAA activities.
4. Shows a commitment to support women in the towing industry.

Award Recipients

2019 Laura Mastronardi

2018 Michelle Sukow


2017 – Joanne BlytonNEWSLETTER volume 53 JULY 2017_Joanne

Joanne has been in the towing business for over 33 years, working along side her husband. Among her many accomplishments she is vigorous in the legislative aspect of towing. She was a big part of creating the newly appointed TRAA Legislative Advocacy Network® and serves at the TRAA LAN Chairperson. Congratulation to Joanne!

2016 – Belinda HarrisBelindaHarris_PresAward-4

Belinda has been a long-time industry supporter. She was WTRAA president from 1993-1995, Tow Woman of the Year in 1990 and has been a continued committee member for the WTRAA Scholarship Fund. She is also the Towing and Recovery Professionals of North Carolina state representative for TRAA. She was awarded the 2016 Presidential Award. Belinda will also be inducted in the Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame this fall. While her accomplishments are long, those who know her personally say she is a most gracious person and that she inspires excellence in everyone around her. I have had the privilege to work alongside her for the past 8 years, with WTRAA, learning and growing and believe that she is most deserving of this award.

2015 – Clarissa PowellClarissa_PresAward

Clarissa was selected as the first recipient of this award in 2015. Her dedication to the towing industry and especially her commitment to WTRAA made her the ideal candidate to receive this award. She continues to help promote WTRAA and support the ladies of the towing industry. She has spent many years working with WTRAA and helping us grow this association. She is a generous and wonderful person who is always willing to help whenever asked and her knowledge and skills are incredible and have helped WTRAA in numerous ways. We are so grateful to have her on our team and congratulate her on this award.