Scholarship Fund


Each year, the WTRAA Scholarship Fund under the TRAA Education Foundation, Inc. awards scholarships to TRAA Regular members’ children and grandchildren to assist them in completing their education.  Fundraising for these scholarships has become a cooperative effort working with the TRAA Education Foundation and the WTRAA Scholarship Trustees.

WTRAA 2021 Scholarship Application

2020 SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS ANNOUNCED! The Women of the Towing & Recovery Association of America (WTRAA) is an auxiliary organization for the Towing & Recovery Association of American (TRAA). Since 1990, under the TRAA Education Foundation, Inc. the WTRAA Scholarship Fund Committee has awarded scholarships to students affiliated with the towing and recovery industry. The WTRAA Scholarship Committee is excited to announce and congratulate the following 2020 WTRAA Scholarship recipients:

Julia Tantare – $5,500.00.  Julia is attending Seattle University, Seattle, WA.  Julia wants to attend law school after receiving her undergraduate degree in criminology and criminal justice theory with a minor in psychology.

Morgan Hobson – $2,000.00.  Morgan is attending Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA.  Morgan will be working towards a major in Business Organizational Management and a double minor in mathematics and economics.

MacKenna G. Schueller – $2,000.00.  MacKenna will be attending Concordia University, Mequon, WI.  MacKenna’s goal is to major in Diagnostic Medical Sonography with a bachelor’s degree in DMS.

For individuals interested in applying in 2021, look for the WTRAA Scholarship Application to run in the Spring edition of the TRAA – Towing & Recovery Association of America’s news publication.

Does your WTRAA  scholarship donation make a difference? Let’s hear what some of our recipients  have to say…

I graduated college last August 2017 from UCF with a degree in Finance and a minor in Political Science. I started a full time job at Harris Corporation in Melbourne, FL in September 2017 as a Financial Planning Analyst. My current plans are to continue my job with Harris and start applying to get my MBA at the first of next year! The WTRAA scholarship was so vital to my undergraduate career as it allowed me to focus on my studies as well as extracurriculars without worrying about how I will pay for everything. During my senior years I was able to take the time to attend the career events UCF put on and it landed me an interview and later job opportunity with Harris! I was able to graduate college with no debt and have been able to put aside money to attend graduate school in the near future, I am so thankful for the women of WTRAA believing in me and helping me get to the point I am now!

Taylor Powell